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Hi, Welcome to my website. 

If you are reading this, then you are probably wondering who am I. 

So, let me tell you (in first person itself) that I am Aisling Magic, a pretty AWESOME chick.


Because I write books, of course. 

But so do other people *duh* 

Yeaaah, but you are here to read about me, right? So, let's focus on that. 
I know Chris Hemsworth, only he doesn't know me. (I’m trying to keep you interested here.) I like writing about people falling in love … 

Why that and not something else? 

Well, the book that got me into reading was Pride and Prejudice (If you don’t know by whom, then I’m not sure we can be friends—like eva!). 
Let's continue. 
SEX, has nothing to do with my biography. It is here to make things exciting. 

I’m not sure you’ll be asking this question but since I’m writing this, I’ll pretend you're asking: What book of yours would you recommend me to try first? 

Oh! You want to try my writing. I'm flattered. Try Silent Music. 

Oh, why's that? Because that's the ONLY book I have published. But's an emotional read according to readers. (The word to retain here is “emotional”). 

So, that was your awesomeness? Um, yeah...But I have a novella, Darling, Dance With Me, coming this summer – it’s a Romantic Comedy. Don't forget to check that out. *wink* *wink* 

If by some miracle you are still reading, then you might as well check me out on Facebook or Instagram. You can check the other platforms but seriously, you’ll have to clear cobwebs before entering *sigh*

With love, 
Aisling Magic

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